Dear Friends

Against all odds, East Wind is back. This magazine that you are now reading is a reincarnation, or, if you prefer, a resurrection, of the original, which existed as a quite heroic one-woman operation from 2004 to 2010. One of us, Nona Arhe, started the magazine and ran it alone all those years.

This time there are two of us and hopefully the magazine will be at least twice as strong. Samrat, who joins the editorial team as Chief Editor, has two decades of experience in Indian journalism and has edited major newspapers in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. He brings his experience into the mix. The team is completed by the support of a top designer.

Our region of focus, true to our name, will be India’s east and northeast. This region is central to India’s dreams of “Act East”. It is however often poorly understood. We will try and bring in a breeze of freshness to the coverage of this region and provide a platform for crucial perspectives and ideas. Being too serious, though, is not our aim. There’s also a lot that’s wonderful and fun about this diverse and unique region, and we look forward to showcasing some of this.

Most of us these days have laments and anger about the media, about how fake and sold out it is, how biased, how shallow, how sensational.

The litany of complaints is endless and prospective solutions few. This is one small attempt at a solution. Our belief is that the opposite of “paid media” is independent media. This is media that owes nothing to any political party or business group. Nor do we ourselves have any agenda of Left or Right. We are not here to promote anything except good journalism. However, we are not a magazine – we are a journal. Our space is open to academics and intellectuals who want to engage with the wider public sphere outside of academia, and to journalists who write with academic rigour.

If you would like to contribute a piece of academic solidity on any topic related to Northeast India or its neighbourhood, including the countries that surround it, please mail us at eastwind- with a brief para or two on your proposed article or paper. We will be around in print as well as online, and we will take your articles to a community of readers who know and care about this region.

We hope you will enjoy reading this edition and find at least some parts of it interesting and insightful. We look forward to your continued support.

With warm regards,
Nona and Samrat

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