The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Nagaland spokesperson has issued a communique on an article in East Mojo in which East Wind has also been mentioned in passing. “BJP Nagaland also demands that Eastmojo and Eastwind come out in the open, to clarify from which source they have heard about the supposed removal of Ram Madhav ji as national general secretary and correlating it to subsequent change in the leadership of BLP & Dy. Chief Minister Y. Patton in Nagaland too, as the allegation is very serious in nature, which can severely affect the Nagaland State BJP party”, the communique stated.
We would like to clarify that the statement seems to have mixed up what was published in East Mojo with our article. East Wind nowhere mentioned anything about removal of Ram Madhav ji as national general secretary or removal of Dy. CM Patton in Nagaland. What we have said in the analytical article titled “Organisational reshuffle in the works amid power struggles in NE BJP” is based on the important fact, clearly mentioned in the article, that the BJP is currently going through its internal organisational elections. It follows quite logically that there may be new office bearers elected after these internal polls. These elections are being held throughout the country, barring poll-bound states, and a committee headed by former Union minister Radha Mohan Singh is overseeing the exercise.
We are therefore surprised at the BJP’s reaction to an article based on its own ongoing organisational elections. We welcome all points of view and would be glad to publish any clarification that the BJP wishes to send us in regard to our article. However we are unable to reveal sources as this is against global journalistic conventions recognised around the world.

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