About Us

East Wind was started by Nona Arhe in 2004, and was a heroic one-woman operation in its first avatar, which folded up in 2010. Arhe is now reviving it in a new, redesigned form in association with Samrat Choudhury a.k.a. Samrat X, former editor of mainstream newspapers in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Most of us these days have laments and anger about the media, how fake and sold out it is, how biased, how shallow, how sensational. The litany of complaints is endless and prospective solutions few. Here we offer you one attempt at a solution.

We believe that the opposite of “paid media” is independent media. This is a media that owes nothing to any political party or business group. Nor do we have any agenda of Left or Right. We are not here to promote anything except good journalism. The region of our focus is the one where we were born and the one we love most, Northeast India. We hope to provide a platform for thoughtful, balanced and knowledgeable pieces about and from the region, but also on all matters that may be of interest to people there. Our focus will be broad, not narrow, and we will leave our windows open to the world, in the hope that the best ideas and thoughts from the world can come to us, and the best that we have to offer can go out into the world.